The Crazy Days of CB Radio

A continual audio stream broadcast over the Internet is called a radio webcast. Radio webcasts come in all shapes and sizes. There are free radio webcasts and there are radio webcasts for paid subscribers only. Radio webcasts can also be…

During the great citizen’s band or CB radio craze of the late 1970s, it seemed like everyone had to have a CB radio and talk like a truck drive while driving down the highway. CB radio is an unlicensed local radio service for individuals and small businesses. CB radios are quite inexpensive and can be very handy.

As you might expect, filmmakers and entertainers use a fair amount of artistic license in their portrayal of CB activities. If you start off your CB career with unrealistic expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed so let’s begin with the basics. CB radio was created in the 1950s by the FCC in and effort to encourage citizen’s to use the new radio technology.

The CB service provides individuals and small businesses with a low-cost way to stay in touch and coordinate their day-to-day activities up to a 5 or 10 mile range. If this sounds like what you need, CB might be just what you’re looking for.

Many two-way radio services require you to purchase a license from the FCC. The CB radio service isn’t one of them. The FCC does have some rules that you should follow though. You can find the rules tucked into the operating manual of your radio. You can also download them on the Internet. The rules are easy to read and are organized as a list of common questions. They include technical rules about radios and antennas as well as what you can and can’t do on the air.

What you can’t do is fairly straightforward and laid out clearly in CB rule 13. You can’t advertise materials for sale or a political campaign, cuss, play music, or rebroadcast radio or TV programming. You’re also forbidden to intentionally interfere with other stations and make false transmissions particularly distress calls.

Each CB radio can operate on any of 40 channels centered on frequencies from 26.965 to 27.405 MHz. This frequency range is near the upper limit of the traditional shortwave or HF band tucked in between the Amateur Radio 10-meter band and a band used by business radios.

You can operate in regular AM mode or select either upper or lower sideband a variation of AM discussed later in this chapter. That gives you 120 different choices about where to operate.

By far, the most popular use of CB radio today is in vehicles. Using CB for business-to-business communications is less common than it was in the halcyon days of CB radio but farms, towing companies, local delivery services, taxisFree Articles, and other mobile users still find CB radios very useful.

Professional drivers use CB radio for everything from keeping an eye on speed traps to checking in at the delivery dock and making idle conversation with anyone in range. Right behind the professionals are private citizens who use CB radio when they drive for many of the same reasons.

FRS Radio: Bringing Families Together

A continual audio stream broadcast over the Internet is called a radio webcast. Radio webcasts come in all shapes and sizes. There are free radio webcasts and there are radio webcasts for paid subscribers only. Radio webcasts can also be…

The Family Radio Service (FRS) which has been authorized in the US since 1996 is an improved walkie-talkie system. Because this personal radio service utilizes frequencies in the UHF (ultra high frequency) band, there is no interference from CB radios or cordless phones which use different frequencies. Instead of AM (amplitude modulation), FRS uses FM (frequency modulation) so it is reliable at greater ranges than CB radios.

Although FRS was initially proposed for use by families by Radio Shack when it was introduced in 1994, FRS has been increasingly adopted by businesses as a cost-effective alternative to the business band. FRS doesn’t require a license either.

FRS Radio Technical Information

In accordance with FCC regulations, the current limit on FRS radios is 500 milliwatts. General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) shares channels 1 through 7 with FRS. As long as the power output does not exceed FRS limits, no license is required. It’s common for FRS radios to use sub-audible tone squelch codes (CTSS & DCS) to filter out unwanted noise from other users on the same frequency. These codes don’t offer any protection from eavesdroppers even though they are sometimes referred to as privacy codes. Their only purpose is to help share busy channels.

To restrict the range of communications and promote the sharing of available channels, FRS rules prohibit the use of duplex radio repeaters and interconnects to the telephone network. These restrictions do not apply to GMRS.

The effective range of FRS radio is generally about 1 mile even though most FRS radio manufacturers will market their products as having an effective range of 2 miles. The reality is that actual performance varies significantly based on conditions. The effective range is reduced in the presence of large metal buildings. However some hobbyists have found FRS radios capable of communicating at ranges of 30 miles or more under exceptional conditions in wide open spaces.

Hybrid GMRS/FRS radios have been manufactured recently with 22 channels compared with the 14 channels commonly associated with FRS. A GMRS license is required to transmit on all channels above 14. Transmission on channels 1 through 7 requires a license only if the ERP (effective radiated power) of the radio is above 1/2 watt (500 milliwatts). The responsibility for understanding and abiding by FCC rules & regulations rests with the user. Most hybrid GMRS/FRS radios can be set to operate at fewer than 500 milliwatts on channels 1 through 7 which eliminates the requirement for getting a license.

FRS Radio in foreign countries Although called by different names, services similar in nature to American FRS radio exist in several countries. In 2000, Canada approved the use of American-standard FRS radios. Considering the proximity of the US & Mexico, the importance of commerce between the countries, and the fact that tourists often bring their FRS radios across borders with themScience Articles, Mexico has also authorized the use of FRS radios.

The History of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is built into electronic gadgets. It lets you talk and share information like music, voice, and videos wirelessly. Bluetooth technology uses radio waves just like mobile phones, television, and FM radio. The difference between those devices and Bluetooth technology is distance.

Radios and television broadcast too many people over many miles. Bluetooth technology just sends information to your personal space. This personal space is called PAN, Personal Area Network. This goes up to a distance of 33 feet.

If you read in a product’s description the word Bluetooth, this means the product has a piece of hardware or a small computer chip that contains the Bluetooth radio. It also contains software that lets the user, the person who has the product, connect that product to other products that are using Bluetooth technology. This connection is wireless.

The technology used by Bluetooth relates back to discoveries pioneered in the 1940’s by the military. The engineers at a Swedish company called Ericsson invented the Bluetooth technology in 1994. A group of companies, in 1998, worked together to connect their products using Bluetooth technology.

Seeing that the Bluetooth technology worked, the companies formed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). This organization is devoted to maintaining this technology. Bluetooth technology is not owned by a single company but the members of the Bluetooth SIG all work together to develop the technology.

When SIG came into existence, Bluetooth was the code word for SIG. They designed Bluetooth technology to allow collaboration between different industries. An example of this collaboration is automotive markets and mobile phones.

Bluetooth technology was originally meant to be a replacement for the cables and wires between things like a mouse and a computer keyboard. Although it works great in those types of devices, Bluetooth Technology can do so much more. It can connect televisions, music players, and home care devices.

As the Bluetooth technology matures, people can create connections that were not possible with cables and wires. You can now connect your mobile phone to your car stereo, or print a picture from your camera phone.

Bluetooth technology will let you monitor your pulse, speed, and steps as you work out jogging, walking, or running. More than 13,000 companies are developing innovative products using Bluetooth technology. These innovative products range from wacky to wondrous and promise to make our lives more fun and easier.

If you are one of those people who like to talk on their cell phone and drive, Bluetooth technology is working to make it safer to do so. They are developing wireless headsets and hands free car systems using Bluetooth Technology. These hands free car systems are being developed to use speech recognition, and “speech triggerHealth Fitness Articles,” which is the ability to turn on a hands free device with a voice command.

Why to buy a radio control car?

These days children and teenagers are much more interested in playing with radio control cars. This is because radio control car have changed a lot in terms of technology and material. Latest cars will never become a junk in your store room.

What all are the attracting features of a radio control cars? The attracting features of new model RC cars are the all new technological inputs. Technological improvements of remote control cars can easily enhance the usage quality. At first it was not possible to play with remote control cars like now. There were lots of limitations in different areas. Oftentimes the internal system fails and the product will become a junk. Now with the new technological inputs everything become smoother and fast. Only a good combination of technological and creativity can generate a good remote control car like today. The drive system is what makes the latest cars different from others. 4WD drive system is actually easy to handle and users will love to control it without any malfunctions. Another advantage is that user can control the car fast. The user nowadays is not at all worried about the missing wireless signals. In terms of speed the car now shows excellent performance. There are various modes that the user can use to control the speed of the gadget.

Radio control car is actually a true copy of an original one. The designers are really careful in choosing the materials as well as copying the design. It is possible to find a radio control car of different styles. For instance, one can buy that car in the sports standard, safari standard and normal cars. Most of these cars use high precision electric motor to do the job. This is assures you that the car will not struck in the middle of driving or playing. Another advantage is that the special motors have the capacity to provide utmost additional power to the car. Like with any other remote control devices they also use high quality battery to work with. HoweverComputer Technology Articles, it is certain that the product will not become junk. These days not only children but also adults too love to drive these special toys.

The fact is that a radio control car will increase the concentration power of the brain. In terms of mental health too this kind of games will provide benefit. The remote of these cars are well built and are able to control the steering fast. You do not need to worry about the strength of the body. They use special aluminum and other metals to design the body of the car.

All about the radio control helicopter

Advanced technology has made it possible for the production of unique and highly functional entertainment toys. A good example of such a toy would be the radio control helicopter. When out shopping you will never miss that specific radio control helicopter which you may be looking for since you will come across different types of radio control helicopters with different features and designs. This way you can make your final selection depending on what you require and what you find to be appealing to you.

Out of all the different radio control helicopters, the SiMa 8829 Metal Frame IR 4CH Remote Control Helicopter Model is considered to be a super toy and can be the perfect toy for that loved person in your life. Some of the features which have contributed to the superiority of this particular radio control helicopterinclude the fact that this 4CH is a type of rc helicopter which is extremely light in weight and it has also been made out of the highly composite material which goes a long way in reducingthe amount of damage whenever there happens to be a crash.

The SiMa 8829 Metal Frame IR 4CH Remote Control helicopter has a compact size which is ultra-small thereby making it suitable for indoor use. The 4CH helicopter comes with a full transmitter which makes use of up to 4 channels which makes it possible for you to move it in all directions which include upwards, downwards, left, right, forward, backwards and also hovering. With this kind of flexibility, you can be assured of getting the best out of your mini helicopter. When it comes to the balance beam as well as the blades, they are both made out of highly flexible material.

The tail and undercarriage have been designed in a way to allow for efficient progress when it comes to flying. This means you can maneuver the helicopter from the top to bottom as well as the left side together with any other basic manipulation. As previously statedFeature Articles, this RC helicopter is a truly superior toy as it is clearly seen in its shell which has a very unique and elaborate finishing for maximum protection and appealing shape. This helicopter is also quite light in weight therefore you will always enjoy a smooth flight. It also comes with an electric radio control for a much stronger transmission.

This radio control helicopter also comes with a heavy-duty combined with an extremely light weight and heavy duty gear which helps to make sure the helicopter flies more efficiently and smoothly. You can even fly it quite comfortably at night due to the presence of various colorful lights coupled with flying visibility mainly used during the night. You will also not have to stress over assembling this mini helicopter since it comes fully assembled and set to fly in a very easy manner.